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N-body parallel model of tumor proliferation

Rafal Wcislo, Pawel Gosztyla and Witold Dzwinel

The 2010 Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC 10)
Ottawa, Canada, July 11-14, 2010


We present a novel parallel 3-D model of tumor proliferation. To simulate the growth dynamics of normal, cancerous and vascular tissues we use a hybrid method integrating cellular automata (CA) with N-body off-grid paradigm, so called, complex automata model (CxA). The interacting particles with dynamically evolving attributes may represent a single cell (cancerous or normal) or a fragment of blood vessel. Therefore, to mimic realistic tumor masses, huge ensembles of particles have to be simulated on multi-core processor systems. There exist many methods widely used for parallelization of classical N-body dynamics. However, they cannot be applied directly in our CxA model, because the evolution of tumor system is controlled by additional processes such as: cell life-cycle, nutrients and TAF (tumor angiogenesis factors) diffusion and blood flow. These processes influence physical states of particles, e.g., their type, size and ability for proliferation/annihilation. We show that despite these difficulties, particle model can be efficiently implemented on small multi-core processor systems achieving almost linear speedup for as many as 8 threads. We show that this model framework allows for simulating up to 1 million particles in a reasonable time using modest computer resources.

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