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Route Reasoning-based Mobility Modeling and Simulation for Street Fight using DEVS

Kyu Cheol Cho, Sung Ho Jang, Chang Hyeon Noh, Tae Young Kim, Jong Sik Lee, Jae Min Lee, Tae Sup Kim and Kang Sun Lee

The 2010 Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC 10)
Ottawa, Canada, July 11-14, 2010


As future warfare involves complicated weapon systems possibly operated by soldiers over the network, we need a modeling and simulation methodology that effectively constructs war-game players (soldiers, weapons, battlefield and a set of engagement logic) in a reusable way, and simulates them in a cost effective way. In this paper, we propose a route reasoning-based DEVS methodology for this purpose. The DEVS helps us to compose a model in the hierarchical and reusable fashion. Each mobility model object adds ontology in order to specify its dynamic behavior, and reasons when and where to join and leave the simulation based on the route reasoning. We illustrate our methodology with an example, a tank maneuver simulator in street fights. The tank simulator captures maneuver and detection strategies related to street fights in the ontology. Then, the ontology is utilized to reason mobility of the tank under the presence of obstacles dynamically appearing/disappearing along its path. We present cost-effectiveness of our methodology by measuring performance in the reasoning-based mobility model and comparing with the traditional rule-based mobility model.

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