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The Role of MSIAC in Supporting Modeling and Simulation

Jerry Feinberg, Kriya Kaping and Robert Graebener

The 2010 Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC 10)
Ottawa, Canada, July 11-14, 2010


Modeling and Simulation (M&S) is critical for economic competitiveness, energy independence, environmental health and the health of citizens, and national defense. Examples of specific capabilities underpinned by M&S include crisis prediction, response to natural disasters and pandemic threats, transportation planning, security, research for new drugs, and support to the warfighter and the first responder. The key to these contributions’ effectiveness lies in how we develop, maintain, and apply the full spectrum of planning, preparation and response enabled by M&S capabilities and M&S subject matter experts.

M&S is developed, maintained, and applied most efficiently and effectively if efforts are coordinated at all levels. At the scientific, technical, and operational support level, this coordination drives the mission of the Modeling and Simulation Information Analysis Center (MSIAC). The MSIAC’s goal is to be a single, integrated support activity for the use, employment, and sustainment of M&S. The MSIAC operates under charter from the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) and is guided by the Modeling and Simulation Coordination Office (M&S CO). The MSIAC helps ensure that all M&S capabilities resident across the DoD, within U.S. industry supporting DoD and in academia are available for re-use, and also educates and trains a superior M&S workforce to innovate, evaluate, and apply these M&S capabilities.

This paper presents the roles and missions of the MSIAC and how it is helping M&S reach its potential. The MSIAC collects, stores, analyzes, and disseminates M&S information generated in development of DoD capabilities. Current knowledge products include help desk responses, tailored technology reviews and summaries, education and training courses, and special projects in repositories; verification, validation, and accreditation; standards compliance testing; and simulation assessments. The MSIAC’s capability is based on its expertise in M&S-related technology, experience applying advanced technology, strong military operations experience, and extensive warfighter experience and perspective.

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