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Enhancing DEVS Simulation through Template Metaprogramming: DEVS-MetaSimulator

Luc Touraille, Mamadou K. Traoré and David R.C. Hill

The 2010 Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC 10)
Ottawa, Canada, July 11-14, 2010


Since several years, the DEVS community has been developing many tools for simulating DEVS models, ranging from local and sequential simulation to massively distributed and parallel simulation. In this paper, we present an innovative approach for local DEVS simulation. By using template metaprogramming, we developed the DEVS-MetaSimulator (DEVS-MS); instead of proposing one simulator meant to be used with every DEVS models, our library provides several metaclasses defining families of simulators. This way, each simulator instantiation is really specialized for a particular model. Doing so, we increase the detection of errors at compile-time, and we reduce the execution time by removing several runtime computations that are instead performed by the compiler.

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