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Modelling Environmental Impact and Efficiency in Maritime Logistics

Agostino Bruzzone, Marina Massei, Francesca Madeo and Federico tarone

The 2010 Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC 10)
Ottawa, Canada, July 11-14, 2010


Abstract— In recent years, all countries had to cope the increasing awareness to the environmental problems, referring to the concept of sustainable development of firms and society. This research deals with the environmental impact analysis in a port simulation in order to estimate the emission entities and evaluate improvements to increase the port sustainability; in fact the purpose is to reduce consumption, garbage/waste disposal, noise, Ship discharges and spills. In this paper the authors use a simulation model to estimate the environmental impacts and to outline different strategies to optimize the supply chain sustainability; In fact, analysis use GreenLog Simulator, a Modeling & Simulation tool developed by the authors to modelling and evaluate environmental impact in the every supply chain levels. The experimental application provides another opportunity for validating and verifying the simulator.

Index Terms— Sustainability, Environmental Impacts.

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