The Systems Engineering, Control, Automation and Robotics Research Group (ISCAR) is formed by professors and researchers from the Departments of Computer Architecture and Automation (DACYA), and Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (DISIA) of the Universidad Computense de Madrid (UCM). Its members teach in various degrees of the Faculties of Physical Sciences, Computer Science and Chemical Sciences.

ISCAR carries out its research in Systems Modeling, Identification and Control; Multisensor Fusion and Computer Vision; Optimization and Machine Learning; and Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles. Currently, his research focuses on the development of applications with unmanned vehicles; of new strategies for planning, control and coordination, and of marine power generation systems

Current/recent projects and contracts include: 1) the cooperation of surface vehicles for water quality monitoring and cyanobacteria detection; 2) the development of a hybrid system for the generation of marine energy; 3) the cooperation of unmanned air vehicles for search, surveillance and rescue; 4) the development of editing and communication tools for people with visual and hearing disabilities; 5) the development of a logistic planning and optimization system to predict gas consumption demands; and 6) the development of sensory technologies and advanced data processing methods for autonomous vehicles.