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dscf0063.jpg Ottawa is the capital of Canada and a municipality within the Province of Ontario. Located in the Ottawa Valley in the eastern portion of Southern Ontario, the city lies on the southern banks of the Ottawa River, a major waterway forming the local boundary between the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The 2006 Census recorded the population at over 812,000, making it the fourth largest municipality in the country and second largest in Ontario; and it is the largest city in Canada by land area. Connected by several bridges to its Quebec neighbour, the City of Gatineau (on the northern shores of the Ottawa River), the two cities had a combined 2006 population of over 1,130,000, making it the country's fourth largest metropolitan area.

Ottawa's primary employers are the Canadian federal government and the hi-tech industry. Ottawa has become known as “Silicon Valley North”. Ottawa has the highest per capita concentration of engineers, scientists, and residents with PhDs in Canada. It has been known as the “most educated city in Canada” with over half the population having graduated from College and/or University (Extracted from Wikipedia).

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