Interview on Artificial Intelligence (Spanish)
TVE 2, 11/01/2007



I received a B.S. and M.S. in Physics (Computer Engineering) from the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM). I did my Ph. D. in Physics in 1994, at the UCM. My Doctoral Dissertation was on "Tuning Fuzzy Logic Controllers".

From 1991 to 1994 I worked in the Department of Computer Science at the UNED (Universidad Nacional de Eduación a Distancia). Since 1994 I have been with the Department of Computer Architecture and Systems Engineering at the Complutense University, where I am currently Full Professor. I am teaching several subjects in the Faculties of Physics and Computer Science at the UCM. I am also in charge of several Innovative Teaching projects in the area of digital signal processing and intelligent control.

During the last years, my research activity is focused on different fields within Intelligent Control and Soft Computing techniques: neural networks, expert systems, genetic algorithms and mainly on Fuzzy Logic, (Adaptive) Neuro-Fuzzy Control and Neuro-Fuzzy Identification. My recent research is concerned with application of neuro-fuzzy controllers for marine and aeronautic systems, and other applications. I am also co-working in other projects about modeling and simulation of industrial processes, optimization by swarm algorithms, and researching on  multiple criterio decision making problems.

I am also interested in digital signal processing, dealing with wavelets, and mainly in clustering and pattern recognition (fuzzy clustering, support vector machines, neural networks, machine learning in general) applied to medical signals, images, fusion (plasma) signals, etc.

I am a member of  an International Network: "Application of Artificial Intelligent in Sensors and Biosensors" (funded by AECID and European Frame ALFA).

My publications and other personal details can be consulted on this web page.

TV Interview on Artificial Intelligence, TVE 2, 11/01/2007 (Spanish)

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