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The group has participated, in collaboration with other research groups belonging to the UNED, the CSIC (Center for Automation and Robotics), CIEMAT and the University of the Basque Country, in multiple projects of the National plan (on the development of applications and algorithms related to autonomous vehicles, and on the development of techniques related to the generation of fusion and offshore wind power) and European (in the field of computational perception oriented to autonomous tractors in precision agriculture; the simulation and control of the distributed fuel systems of aerial vehicles; and the cooperation of marine vehicles). It also maintains contacts and collaborates with foreign institutions such as the National Polytechnic Institute and the University of Guadalajara in Mexico, the University of Aveiro in Portugal, the City and the Royal Holloway of the University of London in the United Kingdom, and the Free University of Berlin and the Bundesweh of Munich in Germany.

Also noteworthy is the participation, over the last ten years, in various projects with the companies CEPSA, PETRONUBA, AIRBUS and IXION, related, on the one hand, to the detection of oil-derived spills on the sea through autonomous (submarine and surface) vehicles equipped with advanced sensory technologies (cameras operating in the visible, infrared and ultraviolet spectrum, lasers, radars, Lídar, sonars), and on the other, with the planning of unmanned aerial vehicle trajectories for the search and detection of targets in unstructured environments on land and sea. It has also participated in several logistics optimization projects financed by REPSOL, ENAGAS and COFARES; control of microsatellites with INTA, and improvement of accessibility for science students with ONCE.

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